Five Level Series

Building Skills and Knowledge for Implementing Standards-based Instruction In
Physical Education.

The five level series is a sequential, research based, professional development
program that provides physical education teachers with the skills, knowledge, and
confidence to implement standards-based physical education instruction in their
schools and school districts. The series includes instruction, guided practice, and
feedback on individual work in each of the following: revealing the content in the
standards, determining the nature of evidence of student learning, designing and
selecting assessment tools, designing content based  instruction, and analyzing data
and building systems to support student learning K-12.  The series includes . . .

Level I       
Introduction to the California physical education content standards and
standards-based instruction.  Teachers learn how to reveal all the content in the
standards and begin the process of focusing teachers, students, parents, and
leaders on the content that each student needs to learn at each grade level.

Level II       
The relationship between the standards and assessment of student learning is the
topic for Level II.  Teachers learn about assessment, assessment tools and the
nature of the evidence of student learning.  They also discover the many benefits of
assessing student learning.

Level III      
Teachers design and/or select assessment tools that accurately collect the evidence
that students have learned the content in the standards.  Level III also includes
examining and evaluating existing assessment  tools and examining their
effectiveness in    enhancing student learning while providing teachers with evidence
of that learning.

Level IV      
Teachers design instruction and develop the learning sequences that enable students
to learn all the content in the standards. They will look at the instructional decisions  
teachers make and how to use those opportunities to best address the learning of
our students.

Level V       
Brings together individual teacher actions with the institutional steps that schools will
need to truly implement standards-based instruction in physical education.  Included
are standards-based report cards, data analysis, student data tracking systems and
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The California
Physical Education
Professional Development Series